cyclic permutation

cyclic permutation
циклическая перестановка

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  • Cyclic permutation — A cyclic permutation or circular permutation is a permutation built from one or more sets of elements in cyclic order. The notion cyclic permutation is used in different, but related ways: Contents 1 Definition 1 2 Definition 2 3 Definition 3 …   Wikipedia

  • cyclic permutation — noun : a permutation in which a set of symbols is rearranged by putting the first for the last (as in ABC, BCA, CAB, ABC) or vice versa …   Useful english dictionary

  • Cyclic order — In mathematics, a cyclic order is a way to arrange a set of objects in a circle.[nb] Unlike most structures in order theory, a cyclic order cannot be modeled as a binary relation a < b . One does not say that east is more clockwise than west.… …   Wikipedia

  • Permutation — For other uses, see Permutation (disambiguation). The 6 permutations of 3 balls In mathematics, the notion of permutation is used with several slightly different meanings, all related to the act of permuting (rearranging) objects or values.… …   Wikipedia

  • Cyclic number — This article is about numbers where permutations of their digits (in some base) yield related numbers. For the number theoretic concept, see cyclic number (group theory). A summary of this article appears in Repeating decimal. A cyclic number is… …   Wikipedia

  • Cyclic (mathematics) — There are many terms in mathematics that begin with cyclic: Cyclic chain rule, for derivatives, used in thermodynamics Cyclic code, linear codes closed under cyclic permutations Cyclic convolution, a method of combining periodic functions Cycle… …   Wikipedia

  • Permutation group — In mathematics, a permutation group is a group G whose elements are permutations of a given set M , and whose group operation is the composition of permutations in G (which are thought of as bijective functions from the set M to itself); the… …   Wikipedia

  • List of permutation topics — This is a list of topics on mathematical permutations.*Alternating group *Alternating permutation *Bijection *Circular shift *Combination *Cycle index *Cycle notation *Cyclic order *Cyclic permutation *Derangement *Even and odd permutations… …   Wikipedia

  • Transposable integer — A summary of this article appears in Repeating decimal. The digits of some specific integers permute or shift cyclically when they are multiplied by a number n. Examples are: 142857 × 3 = 428571 (shifts cyclically one place left) 142857 × 5 =… …   Wikipedia

  • Fisher-Yates shuffle — The Fisher Yates shuffle, named after Ronald Fisher and Frank Yates, also known as the Knuth shuffle, after Donald Knuth, is an algorithm for generating a random permutation of a finite set in plain terms, for randomly shuffling the set. A… …   Wikipedia

  • 142857 (number) — 142,857 is the best known cyclic number in base 10. [ [ number.html Cyclic number ] , The Internet Encyclopedia of Science ] [Michael W. Ecker, [… …   Wikipedia

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